Nollywood actor Hank Anuku dispels mental illness rumors

Hanks Anuku

Hank Anuku, a famous Nollywood actor, has put rumors about his mental health to rest.

Videos of a man thought to be Anuku wandering the streets in torn clothes went viral on Monday. This led to rumors that he was mentally ill.

One of his colleagues, Shan George, laughed off the claims in a video she posted on her Instagram. But Adanma Luke, another actress, insisted that the actor had trouble with his mental health.

Luke asked the Nollywood community on Monday in an Instagram post to stop the “cover-up” and get help for the actor.

But in a video that he posted on his Instagram stories on Friday, Anuku slammed the people spreading false information about his mental health.

He said that the video that started the rumors was shot while he was working on a movie set.

He stated, “Tell those motherf***ers who wrote crap about me to stop writing crap about me and leave me alone. If they want to act in a movie or need help, they can come to me.

“I’ve been on set, and anyone writing, using those pictures of me on set to try and destroy my image, may the Holy Spirit forgive you.”