Nigeria Immigration cautions nationals against irregular migration

The Nigeria Immigration (NIS) has cautioned Nigerians on the dangers of irregular migration, so as not to waste their future.

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has issued a warning to citizens of Nigeria about the consequences of engaging in illegal migration, urging them not to throw away their futures in the process.

This warning was issued on Thursday in Abuja at a press conference by Isah Jere, the Comptroller-General of Immigration.

On behalf of Jere, Tony Akuneme, NIS Public Relations Officer, said the service is dedicated to educating Nigerians about the risks of irregular migration.

“Many people want to travel without knowing precisely what they will do or where they are going.

“Agents of irregular migration are brainwashing people, and you think life is better on the other side.

“Who says there are no beggars in Canada, USA or UK?

“There are beggars and homeless people in these countries you are rushing to,” he said.

The head of NIS said that people could travel if they have a legal job waiting for them, admission into school, or some other concrete lawful means of survival.

“If the young people are told that the Libya they are going to is not better than Nigeria, that will at least give them a rethink.

“You can’t be excited going to a country you know nothing about”, he said.

According to him, many of the young people leaving Nigeria don’t even utilise the passport given to them by the country.

“So what’s the point in getting a document you don’t need and putting pressure on the system?” he asked.

The CG appealed to the media, asking for their assistance in educating the populace about the risks associated with illegal migration.