Labour Party: Charles Soludo is envious of Peter Obi

Labour Party

The Labour Party (LP) in the South East said that Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo’s tirade against Peter Obi, its presidential candidate, was motivated by envy.

Chief Innocent Okeke, the National Vice Chairman of the party in the zone, made the claim in a statement on Wednesday.

Okeke said the party was disappointed that Soludo, who was seen as a man of honor and respect, could let his selfish interests and hatred cloud his judgment.

The party asked the governor to go back on his actions so that he wouldn’t somersault his position of dignity and respect by falling short of what the people expected of him as the new Igbo leader.

He said, “Hate is a wicked state of mind that, when possessed, can becloud one’s normal sense of reasoning. And this is exactly what played out in Prof. Soludo’s unreasonable outburst on Peter Obi’s Anambra government investment in 2014.

“Soludo through his hate for Peter Obi, was quick to forget that the investment and the fiscal savings came together. The indisputable fact remains that Obi saved for the future of his state (Anambra) N75b naira, $50m in each of the three existing commercial banks of today, and 3.5b in the International Brewery.

“He handed over this investment to a new manager (governor), who has never denied knowledge of the investments. Whether the manager (governor) took good care of the investment is another day’s discussion.

“And the former handed over to Soludo, now Soludo casting aspersions on Mr. Obi after nine years he left office with verifiable savings and investment is uncalled for and condemnable by the entire Igbo race and Nigeria at large.

“The international brewery as we know it today employing 10,000 Anambrarians is not a bad investment, and the depreciation of stocks is a Nigerian issue that has affected every company’s stock.

“Soludo should have employed the wisdom of silence even if he so much hated Mr. Obi, but for the sake of the Nigerian project, stand with the mass of the people.

“He should watch it going forward, or he creates serious embarrassment for himself and governance as he also needs the people’s support to achieve.

“We still love Soludo and wish him the best in office as Anambra State governor, but he must retrace his steps. Nigerians are wiser today than before; it is more reasonable to be on the side of the people to get things done.”