Matthew Kukah: Don’t die for politicians seeking national cake

Matthew Kukah

Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese, has warned political supporters not to take their own lives during the 2023 elections.

Kukah, who is also the Convener of the National Peace Committee (NPC), remarked that opposition politicians are friends vying for a piece of the national cake and should, therefore, not be taken too seriously.

On Tuesday, the well-known religious leader revealed this information while appearing on the morning program “Sunrise Daily” on Channels Television.

He stated, “These politicians are struggling, and they’ve lived their lives struggling for the national cake they will distribute amongst themselves. It is, therefore, in the interest of ordinary Nigerians to know that they have to vote to stay alive.”

In addition, Kukah stated that followers and supporters of politicians “must realize that these politicians know themselves” despite their grandstanding and posturing.

Kukah urged individuals to learn how to control their political enthusiasm, adding that they should not take politicians’ grandstanding seriously.