Isabel dos Santos unaware of Interpol arrest warrant – rep

Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of Angola’s former President. REUTERS-Toby Melville

An official source for Isabel dos Santos, the billionaire daughter of Angola’s former president, said on Saturday that she has not been informed of the international arrest warrant that has reportedly been issued by global police agency Interpol.

Dos Santos’ official source told Reuters that her attorneys “consulted the Interpol database and, so far, there was no reference to the issuance of a warrant.”

According to Portugal’s Lusa news agency, Interpol reportedly issued a warrant to “locate, arrest,” and deport dos Santos on Friday. This came after public prosecutors in Angola asked Interpol to do so.

The requests for comment from Interpol and the public prosecutors were not met with a response.

Lusa, referencing a government document, claimed the 49 years old businesswoman was wanted for various crimes, including, among others, embezzlement, fraud, influence peddling, and money laundering.

For years, Dos Santos has been accused of corruption; in 2020, Angola reportedly claimed that during her father’s presidency, she and her husband diverted $1 billion in state funds to companies in which they had financial interests.

She insists she did nothing wrong and has even denied it multiple times.

Dos Santos’s source claimed that she had known about the pending legal proceedings against her in Portugal and Angola for nearly three years, despite never being named as a defendant.

For nearly three years, “she formally made herself available to make statements whenever she was summoned,” according to the source.

The arrest warrant states that dos Santos frequently visits Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, as reported by Lusa on Friday.

The authorities know dos Santos’ whereabouts, according to the official source.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos, her father, died in July. He ruled Angola for nearly four decades, from 1979 until 2017.