Syrian missiles kill two in Turkey

The Turkish district of Karkamis, located close to the Syrian border, has been hit by rocket fire, killing two people, according to Turkish media reports and the regional governor.

At least five rockets were launched on Monday, with one hitting a school and injuring six people, two of them seriously.

According to Turkey’s Anadolu Agency, three structures were damaged: a house and a truck near the border crossing connecting Karkamis and the Syrian town of Jarablus.

Anadolu images showed a truck engulfed in flames and shattered windows at a school.

Sunday, a border crossing was hit by rockets fired from Syria, wounding six police officers and two soldiers.

After the Turkish air force attacked positions in Syria held by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Sunday, it is believed that Kurdish fighters in northern Syria fired the rockets.

PKK strongholds in northern Iraq were also attacked by Turkish jets.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a total of 31 people were killed in the attacks on Syria.

The Turkish government holds the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) responsible for a bombing in Istanbul on November 13 that killed six people. The YPG is seen as the PKK’s affiliate in Syria.

The PKK has repeatedly said it had nothing to do with the attack in Istanbul.