Avram Glazer reacts to Manchester United sale plans

Avram Glazer, a co-owner of Manchester United, has said that the board is excited to see where it leads us if the club is sold.

Avram Glazer, a co-owner of Manchester United, has said that the board is excited to see “where it leads us” if the club is sold.

The Glazer family, which has owned United for 17 years, stated on Tuesday that they are considering selling some or all of their stake in the company.

A club statement says, “there can be no assurance that the review being undertaken will result in any transaction involving the company,” so it’s unclear if they’ll sell.

United supporters have been demanding that the Glazers sell the team for a while now due to their frustration with the team’s seeming lack of direction and clear challenges in repeating past achievements under Alex Ferguson.

United have not won the Premier League since the 2012–13 season, and no silverware since the 2016–17 season when they won the EFL Cup and the Europa League. Jose Mourinho was the manager at the time.

Avram Glazer was interviewed by Sky News when he was walking into a restaurant close to his house in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He echoed the club’s announcement from the previous day, saying, “As we announced [on Tuesday], the board went through a process, and it’s decided it’s going to look at different strategic alternatives – and that’s what we’re doing.

“We’ll see where it leads us.”

Glazer dodged the issue in response to a question about Cristiano Ronaldo’s criticism of the club’s ownership.

Ronaldo was fired by United this week after he criticised many club officials in a TalkTV interview, including manager Erik ten Hag. He also said that the club’s owners, the Glazer family, “don’t care” about the club.

When asked about them, Glazer instead chose to heap praise on Ronaldo.

He spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo, “Well, I’ll tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo — he’s a great Manchester United player. I appreciate everything he’s done for the club and wish him the best of luck in the future.”