Mike Keegan: Manchester City rejected Cristiano Ronaldo

During an interview with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo addressed the emotional toll of losing his newborn son earlier this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a Manchester United forward, recently gave an interview to Piers Morgan on the show “Talk TV,” which has generated much debate. One of them is the possibility that he would have signed with Manchester City during their summer transfer window. Everyone was interested because he is a Manchester United legend, but the deal did not go through in the end. Everyone agrees with that, but they don’t agree on who turned down who.

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In the interview, the Portuguese player said why he didn’t want to move to the Etihad Stadium.  “I was very close to, it’s something I spoke a lot about. They tried really hard. Guardiola did everything possible to take me to Man City, but my heart, my feelings, what I’d done beforehand and Sir Alex Ferguson made the difference.”  The “Daily Mail” has the other side of the story.

Mike Keegan, a journalist, says that the Sky Blues are very surprised by these comments, since they decided not to sign CR7. He said it in a way that made it sound like Ronaldo chose to go to Manchester United when City said they turned him down.

In any case, the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t going to play for Manchester City made people talk about it on social media. They want him to join Pep Guardiola’s team for the next season. Erling Haaland has scored the most goals for the team, and it will be hard for the Portuguese to take his place.